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Conducting a complete risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment is at the core of any security program. The assessment provides a comparison between the desired/undesired outcomes. During our risk assessment, we will identify, analyze, and evaluate uncertainties and possible outcomes for your business. 

We believe in being proactive and that security is more than just checking boxes on a checklist. In order to achieve that one must know and understand where the problems are before they try to find a solution to that problem. As industry experts, we are your trusted advisor and believe you deserve the highest level of service and professionalism in protecting your business and employees. 

Why should your business have a risk assessment?

A business should review their risk assessment and risk management practices once ever 3 years at a minimum or if there is a significant change to the workplace process/design, if new machines or procedures are introduced, if an incident occurs as a result of a hazard exposure, or if you feel your assessment is inadequate. 

With risk assessment businesses are able to identify and prepare for potential risk in order to avoid catastrophic consequences. During the risk assessment process, we are able to evaluate your business to identify processes and situations that may cause harm, determine how likely it is that hazard/risk will occur and how severe the consequence would be, and decide what steps the business can take to stop these hazards/risks from occurring or to eliminate the risk.

The goal of a risk assessment will vary from business to business but overall, an effective risk assessment will help the business prepare for and combat risk. This is achieved by providing an analysis of possible threats, preventing injuries/illnesses, ensuring legal requirements are met, creating awareness about hazards/risks, creating an accurate inventory of assets, justifying costs of managing risk, determining the budget available to remediate risk, and providing an understanding on the return of investment.  

A risk assessment forms an integral part of your business's health and safety plan, it also ensures that your organization is prepared to handle any risk effectively.

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